Dedicated to the Best Quality Products and Services in the Industry

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Dedicated to the Best Quality Products and Services In the Industry

Unichem Specialty Chemicals, LLC is more than just a chemical supplier. Throughout the years, we’ve built a staff of knowledgeable chemists, technical specialists, and customer service representatives with a wealth of application experience our customers depend on. We seek to understand your particular needs and then to provide the right solution — the one that best meets those needs.

Custom Formulation

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Unichem’s core business is providing custom chemicals for­mulated to customer specifications. Most often, this means starting with the desired result the cus­tomer is looking for and then developing an optimum solution. We have built a reputation for finding innovative answers that satisfy challenging re­quirements.

Development criteria can include:

  • Environmental requirements
  • Process requirements
  • Economics
  • Performance characteristics


All formulations are thoroughly tested in our laboratories to ensure that they possess the properties requested. Further testing is performed in the field to verify that the desired result is achieved from your product.

As an added service, Unichem often helps customers refine their application process for greater effectiveness.

The types of chemicals Unichem can develop for you are found in the product brochure.

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