Product Line


Unichem has developed a series of high performance products for a variety of uses:


Unibond-latex emulsions and compounds, including acrylics, neoprenes, nitriles, VAEs, PVAs, urethanes and SBRs.


End uses

  • Coatings and finishes providing increased substrate performance and durability.

  • Fabric saturation to reduce seam slippage and pigment migration, and to enhance fabric strength.

  • Foamable backcoatings with excellent water resistance and fluorocarbon compatibility.

  • Hand builders, gloss overprints, pad binders for fabric, nonwoven binders.

  • Built-up, continuous, and composite roofing, marine awnings and outdoor fabrics.

  • Film adhesives.


Unigard- C-6 and C-8 oil and water repellents and wax-based water repellents


End uses

  • Oil and water repellency for polyester, nylon and other synthetics and natural fabrics.

  • Applications to upholstery, apparel, carpeting, nonwovens, and automotive fabrics.

  • Marine use where exterior exposure and resistance to UV radiation are of primary concern.


Unifroth- froth aids, foaming agents and foam systems


End uses

  • Foaming systems customized to produce refined, uniform cell structure with a specific half-life.

  • Anionic, cationic and nonionic foaming systems.

  • Foaming systems designed for use in textile applications such as upholstery backcoatings, drapery coatings, flocked coatings, etc.

  • Foaming systems designed specifically for use with fluorochemical finishes.


Flamex-halogen and non-halogen systems


End uses

  • Fire retardants designed specifically to meet TB-603 Std.

  • Fire retardants for automotive uses to meet MVSS-302.

  • Fire retardants designed specifically to meet NFPA-701

  • Fire retardants for residential and commercial upholstery.


Other Products:

  • Accelerator-catalysts

  • Unibrite-optical brighteners

  • Unilube- silicone fluids, emulsions and lubricants

  • Unirez-resins, melamine and glyoxal

  • Unisil-colloidal silicas

  • Unisoft-softeners, polyethylenes and fatty esters

  • Uniwet-wetting and foaming agents

  • Uniwhite-white pigment dispersions

  • Unilev-antimigrants and levelers


Unichem has invaluable expertise, experience and our products are used in multiple industries such as:

  • Construction products

  • RFL Rubber Reinforcement

  • Tire manufacturing

  • Medical products

  • Paper manufacturing

  • Exterior fabrics

  • Graphic arts

  • Textiles

  • Automotive

  • Outdoor

  • Medical